Dowell Springs stretches deep into the ground as well as into the history of Knoxville. In the late 1700’s, Jacob Lones moved to the Knoxville area and with his family built a small cabin and started farming the land. His descendants have lived near this spring for nearly 130 years. Sometime in the 19th century, a spring house was built over the spring channel to store house perishables. Aside from being very attractive to settlers looking for adequate water, Dowell Springs is fascinating from a geologic perspective as well. Not only is this spring the head of Fourth Creek (which flows into the Tennessee River) but it is also part of a rather large aquifer which extends several miles to the west and includes Walker Springs which is situated some three miles west of Dowell Springs.

Room Configuration

  • (30’ by 31’)
  • Conference Room Seating – up to 24 people


  • Conference call capabilities
  • Large format flat screen monitor with laptop connections
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